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UTMF2022 Original Yamatsumi

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Yamatsumi is a kit that allows you to easily create a 3D model of a mountain by simply pasting pieces of cardboard that have been cut out along contour lines. The colors of the earth's surface, major roads, and mountain trails are printed, so you may need to color them. is not.
The completed model can be placed in the living room or at the entrance, and since the mountain trail is printed, it is useful for planning the itinerary before climbing and checking the route you have climbed.

Kit contents: Sheets (31 pieces), wooden pedestal (1 piece), positioning rods (3 pieces), instruction manual

UTMF2022 Special Yamatsumi
Complete recording of UTMF2022 courses and aids.
The course is printed from the first sheet, and as you stack the sheets, you can clearly see the height difference of the course and the position of the aid.

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