UTMF x New Halle

New-HALE taping, which is indispensable for trail running, and UTMF collaboration products are finally here.

[What is New-HALE taping]

Founded in 1914 by Kametaro Akutada as a fabric manufacturer, in 1974 he perfected a new generation sticky bandage, the " adhesive elastic bandage. " Recognized as the originator of today's elastic taping tapes ( kinesiology tapes ) , we are a taping manufacturer that has been used in medical settings for many years, earning trust for its quality that is "hard to peel off" and "hard to get rashes."

In 2022, three collaboration products will be produced.

[New Hare I tape]

" I -shaped precut " for uneven areas

You can easily and conveniently use the taping method using roll tape that can be used to finely approach various muscles and joints throughout the body.

Includes instructions on how to apply 12 places that runners have trouble with, mainly on the lower body such as thighs, shins, and iliotibial band.

This time, print out the UTMF elevation map, stick it on your arm and use it as a memo? How can you use it?

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[New Halle V tape]

" V -shaped pre-cut of new idea"

Easy to apply without scissors, pre-cut taping, V -shape allows for effective support for knees, hips, calves, and shoulders.

With a stretch rate of approximately 60 %, which exceeds the stretch rate of approximately 50 % for the skin of joints such as elbows and knees, and the excellent stretch recovery of LYCRA® ,

As a kinesiology/muscle tape, it has adaptability to various tapings and firmly supports joints and muscles.

Click here for detailed usage ( knee / waist / calf )

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[New Hareny Dash]

"For a sense of stability when stepping on"

By attaching the Knee Dash to the bottom of the kneecap (the base of the patellar tendon), which puts a lot of strain on your feet during strenuous exercise such as cycling or running, you can feel more stable when stepping on and landing. Muscles that remain swayed by the vibration of landing wear out muscle strength and put strain on muscle fibers during jumping. Applying a knee dash reduces the shaking and blurring of muscles.

In addition, by releasing (loosening) the skin and fascia around the joints that move greatly, it effectively supports the original supple movement of the muscles.

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