UTMF's [Environmental load reduction]
About - Installation of donation gacha for environmental load reduction activities
By holding the event, everyone involved in the event will think about the earth in their own way, improve the environment, and aim to create a event that will lead to a more prosperous life. We will implement UTMF SUSTAINABLE SUPPORT GATCHA as one of our efforts. UTMF original goods, products from local governments, prizes from sponsors/exhibitors, etc. will be solicited, and a gacha-gacha machine that can be used for 500 yen per time will be set up. We plan to donate all the sales collected from the Gacha Gacha to the NPO Fuji Trail Runners Club to help with environmental activities at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
Click here for environmental activities at the foot of Mt. Fuji (PDF:3.9MB)
500 yen/time
Presents of UTMF original goods, local specialty products from the foot of Mt.
▶︎Installation location
UTMF2022 Finish Venue [Conifer Forest] Official Goods Shop

Donate 100% of sales to environmental activities
[Examples of activities to reduce environmental impact]
Wooden deck repair work, survey of wild bird habitat, removal of fallen trees, leveling the ground, maintenance of mountain trails, picking up trash, cutting grass, installing earth retaining walls, zero-waste challenge, removal of dead leaves, conversion to more environmentally friendly materials, etc.

Prize list

THE NORTH FACE original drawstring provided by Goldwin Co. , Ltd. Original drawstring bag made by effectively utilizing leftover fabric left over from THE NORTH FACE apparel sample production. Please use it not only for trail running shoes, but also for small items and gear necessary for expeditions. This time we have 5 colors of green, white, black, red and blue.
Surplus fabric and non-standard products generated in the process of making sacoche fabric made from surplus fabric provided by Gore Japan . It is generally discarded, but for several years Gore has been working on making mini bags from leftover fabric as part of the GORE Recraft Program. (*GORE-TEX fabric is used, but it is not waterproof)
2 types of UTMF UTMF can badges We have prepared 2 types of UTMF original can badges (32mm). Wear it on your rucksack or other clothing as proof of your cooperation in UTMF's environmental activities.
UTMF UTMF original mask (BLK) 3 pieces We have prepared UTMF original masks (3 pieces) that are also sold as UTMF official goods.
Gotemba -grown strawberries "Monster Berry" provided by Gotemba City Slowly and slowly without stress in the cool climate of Gotemba, the deliciousness is condensed, and a special method is used to absorb nutrients to the maximum, resulting in deliciousness. It's a strawberry that has changed and grown. Please enjoy the depth, richness, and sugar of umami that cannot be tasted anywhere else with monster berries.
"Gotemba Mikuriya Soba" for souvenirs provided by Gotemba City One of the home-cooked dishes that have been uniquely passed down in the process of the Mikuriya (Gotemba) region since ancient times. It is a traditional dish of Gotemba that is served as a final dish at the end of feasts and banquets on New Year's Eve, New Year, and other celebrations. It features flavorful noodles that use yam and wild yam as binders, and a sweet soup made by simmering chicken, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms in mineral-rich underground water from Mt. Fuji.
Yoshida Udon provided by Fujiyoshida City Gokusei Yoshida Udon , a local dish that Fujiyoshida City is proud of, is characterized by its chewy and chewy noodles. There are countless people who are captivated by the noodles that fill their mouths with the flavor of the ingredients and soup stock the more they chew, and many people visit udon restaurants every day. "Yoshida Udon Gokusei" is a blend of 3 types of wheat flour, including carefully selected high-grade domestic wheat, and is characterized by the natural bright yellowness and glossy sheen of wheat flour, and the flavorful aroma of wheat. It is a gem.
Mt. Fuji Jurigi Hot Spring Water Provided by Susono City is natural alkaline hot spring water that springs from 1,500m underground at the foot of Mt. Fuji south of Gukumizu. It contains a lot of metasilicic acid, has a very good balance of vanadium, calcium, and magnesium, and contains a lot of natural hydrogen carbonate ions. In addition, when used in tea or coffee, the aroma and flavor become stronger, and it can also be used as a seasoning for dishes such as soup stock. This is truly a gift from Mt.Fuji.
“Mino One ” goods provided by Minobu Town “Minobu Town Wonderful PR Section Manager” “Mino One”, who sends out Minobu Town’s number one and only one, “creates a character for Minobu Town to many people This is a mascot character born from the children's suggestion. Minobu steamed buns, Akebono soybeans, weeping cherry blossoms, and the upside-down Mt. An assortment of Minowan's not-for-sale goods. Please take care of me.
Akebono soybeans "moist grilled soybeans" provided by Minobu Town Large and sweet "Akebono soybeans" are the brand soybeans that Minobu Town is proud of, which was selected as an offering for the Reiwa Daijosai. It is said to be a phantom soybean because of its strong regional characteristics and limited production. Moist grilled soybeans are a product that is softly baked to make the best use of the sweetness of Akebono soybeans, such as chestnuts, to create a fluffy texture.
Hand Towels Provided by Kawaguchiko Town Fujikawaguchiko Town will provide UTMF SUSTAINABLE SUPPORT GATCHA with original "tenugui" related to environmental conservation with the theme of "Passing on the World Cultural Heritage 'Mt. Fuji' to future generations. "
Lavender- filled magnet provided by Kawaguchiko-machi Fujikawaguchiko-machi provided an original "Fujikawaguchiko-produced lavender-filled magnet" to the UTMF SUSTAINABLE SUPPORT GATCHA.
Friction Fluorescent Markers Provided by Kawaguchiko Town Fujikawaguchiko Town provided original 'Friction Fluorescent Markers' related to environmental conservation with the theme of 'Preserving World Cultural Heritage 'Mt. Fuji' for future generations' for UTMF SUSTAINABLE SUPPORT GATCHA.
Amazappie provided by Narusawa Village This is a blueberry pie "Amatsupie" made with 100% blueberries from Narusawa Village. It's crispy, moist, and sweet and sour, and it's delicious to eat as is, warmed up, or grilled.
Lake Yamanaka Wine Provided by Yamanakako Village Yamanashi Prefecture grapes are blended with grapes cultivated and harvested at an altitude of 1,000m, making use of the temperature difference of Lake Yamanaka, the lake closest to Mt. Fuji. A fragrant red wine that goes well with a variety of dishes and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.